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About events and news posted:
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These are the opinions and experiences of other people and we do not necessarily approve, agree with, and/or condone those opinions. We put their contact information up unless they ask us not to do so. If you have a dispute with anything, you may contact that person directly if we have that contact information available. All photography with our logo on it specifically copyrighted by New England Talent Magazine. If you are a reader, fan, visitor, artist, label owner, manager, promoter, designer, or advertiser and want to use our photography, please contact us. If we discover that our works are being used without proper credit, and especially in the case of photography, without notification or permission, legal action may be taken if the issue is not resolved immediately to our satisfaction. We will require proper credit and cross linking in all cases of usage and Royalty fees or flat fees may apply if used for commercial purposes. News posting is acceptable only as an introduction or topic statement, followed with a direct link to the article or feature located at New England Talent Magazine's website. Copying a complete New England Talent Magazine article or New England Talent Magazine feature on another web domain, even in a frame window, or otherwise, or copying to print is prohibited and in violation of copyright law and this notification.

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